Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Looking beyond the prism

Swaggering life meets changing narratives of joystick of society with joyous spirit . Jollity embraces the leisurely peregrinations  of mind and juggles with the pestering issues which normally attract periphrases instead of perspicuity . Being politically correct  has fashionably become kowtowing perfidy .
 Nuisance revisits the outskirt of India’s pride at regular intervals . The mischievous show of terror-strength foments trouble and unrest.  Zakura is the new ground zero where nefarious design of  terror outfit scores and counts injury .Rogue neighbor covertly unleashes its strategic assets in the face of terrorists and sings paean irresponsibly in their praise. Their Jazzy military swathe & jejune politics talk false arrogance and resentfully walk the narrow path of diplomatic engagement . Trouble mongers drop in hordes to baffle peaceniks . White pigeon smiles on the commonplace jeering emanating from jerry-built terror- land.  Serious attendance of  BRICS leaders have purposely paid audience to the swingeing  sound of jaywalking Terror . Domestic constituency is happy with the success of surgical strike . But over stepping or over enthusiasm would be ill-conceived heroism . Seasoned political dispension needs to converge on cautionary line of action or it should disallow itself to astray from its studied approach.
Once again, the ghost of  uniform civil code is disrobing the peace & tranquility of society. Minority’s concerns are boiling in petty religious cauldron as they ill-perceive the air of reform  from out- side of the society  .The static & closed society abhor evolutionary steps. Minority society is getting appalled with the reformatory air blowing with the gripping impact on female psyche. Male chauvinisms find it utter discomforting whenever  shrill voice on triple Talaq or issue of polygamy   gains support from the suffering constituency or the progressive society. Politics has jumped to play football with the nagging issues. Misinterpretation and generalities turn into cacophony and the genuine social concerns get submerged into the political din.

Changing thought process of society needs to be seconded if it appears positive. Acknowledgement of mother’s contribution in one’s success is admirable and a particular electronic media deserves appreciation.
Bob Dylan deserves special mention for being conferred on Nobel prize for his contribution.
Wish you Happy Sunday…