Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sartorial bon voyage under the gawky public eyes!

In the recent past, the media in their all avtars have rained slushy details on frills, flounce, trains, confection, colour, meandering neckline and risible dregs of  the hemline.
Kate Middleton roistered in her wedding gown  and the attendant risque  attention of the world couldn't resist
to prattle on the said poppy cock.

It is an irony that the procession of frivolity refused to stop.Bonny Pippa Middleton and the bohemian Gabriella  Posqua Lotto- the IPL cheer leader, with their all weird reasons blipped and blinkered in the pregnant imagination of men folks.

In the garb of  the creative apotheosis, apparel designer Lisa Burk has raised a licentious ripple by emblazoning religious imagery on the bikini bottom , just for ephemeral international fame.

It would be a disservice if I dwell on Dips and Bips of the Bollywood on this page.Their itsy- bitsy stories are equally exciting! Sartorial eminence has predilection for these people , albeit the former lingers in between momentariness and nothingness.

Lounging on the silhouette of the power cape, frazzled public sensibilities can find solace in the historic electoral victories of Mamta Banerjee and Jayalalithaa.The discrete Didi and beatific Amma , draped in their strikingly distinct sartorial finery have dazzled on the political firmament of their respective states and forced their electoral bete noire to eat the humble pie.

So far as the sartorial sense is concerned, J . Jayalalithaa and the mirror image of the common man - Mamtaa,
differs from each other. The former treats herself regally where as the latter fashions unfashionably to be in league with the commonness of Aam admi.

Further more, The bluestocking like S. Divyadharshini - IAS topper  ,attired in her simple feminine finery is all set to carry herself with meaningful role in the corridor of power.

The politically sensitive , aesthetic self of mine has got a blustering bravado to make a foray in the foppish domain thanks to media's trivial galore on this subject.One thing is for sure , Achievement  and leadership have become gender neutral.

In the face of the advent of the women in the public domain; " mesmerizing sensation, merit, power, authority and  leadership' - all these personified attributes can afford to don themselves cape, sarong, sari and other sartoial cloak.And they have definite mandate to do so!

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