Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A feminine insight : Race against time

Feminism sprouts out in various colours and forms on the verisimilitude of a perspective, usually defined by the uppity opinions, mundane likes and dislikes of the exiguous constituents i.e the effusive votary of the said ism or the swarm of uptight crybabies living in utopian orb. There is a force that wants one to subscribe one's personal legend.A meticulous effort is made to get the attention!

It is just a chimera to be an oracle in one's world. Penchant for grandeur draws the succour from the cherished "principle of favourability".It would be a fallacy to consider one self as an isolated superior entity in the present day society.

It is an imperative to devise a way to create a collaborative win-win situation for the constituents of the society i.e male and female and the other ilk of human existence living on the margin.Compartmentalization of society doesn't auger well for the prospective generation.

Paternalistic or patriarchal form of the society resulted in lopsided development of the constituents of the all inclusive populace.Male Chauvinism came to fore and given rise to the gender inequality. With the passage of time, the completely illogical or ridiculous thought became a norm.  Logical head failed to anathematize the faux pass and inclined to follow the movement of the body society.The anachronism begs for a change in perception to find its relevance in this modern society which touts out " Achievement and Excellence" as unisex.

Gender is just a biological concept. The whole gamut of the macro considerations of society, has bifurcated the composite conscience of the body society. Improvement in literacy and economic development have sprung up competition on mental surface.Erudition and edification   come to both the sexes.

The follies of the past has been underlined and a string of oleaginous feminine activism came in the being. A Bra -burning movement took place in 70's to uphold the credence that women are at par with men and deserve to be treated  alike.A pink chaddi compaign vehemently opposed the prohibitory notion that women in the pub deserve to be slapped around.

From time to time, feminine discontent and disapproval against the insensitivity of the society cranes up its neck in the face of fancifully orchestrated campaigns and by establishing  different forums to oppose the medieval mind set of the male community.

PPR foundation for women,s Dignity and Rights deserves a special mention in this context. Some of the well known dignitaries like celebrated author Taslima Nasrine, Somali super model Waris Dirie and Hollywood actress salma Hayek, are associated with the said forum .This forum has campaigned against the female genital mutilation. Waris Dirie is herself a victim of the said insensitivity.

In saudi Arabia, as per the law of the land, a is not allowed to drive her car. Manal al-shrief has spearheaded a campaign against it and has drawn the attention of the women to fight for their privilege & right to sit behind the steering wheel of their personal vehicle. It is viewed as an struggle for the gender equality and as an assertion of the fact that women can choose the modern way of living  her life !

Religious perseqution with the pretension of moral superiority over the rest of the world , has also worsened the status of the women in the society. Ashma jahangir- a lawer of supreme court of Pakistan and a social activist par excellence has emerged a robust legal voice of the enfeebled women of the respectice society.

Gender apartheid and gender chauvinism are the world wide phenomenon. The shabby treatment meted out to women are the outcome of the flawed attitude, cultural obstacles etc. prevalent in the particular socity. Emotional and physical violence in  the wdelock by the intimate partner is witnessed elite or rural society.

In the  light of the aforediscussed backdrop, hyperventilation of the feminine concerns against the sexual, psychological and economical crimes are quite understandable.A slut walk in Torrento has been orgaized to protest against the remarks of a local police officer that  reads ,"slut like dressing invites victimization".A senior plice officer, in India, has also cautioned the female to avoid moving alone  in the city at odd hours . Uproarious female voices have denounced  the  miasmatic suggestions.Of coure, playing macho women can,t be solution of the said discmfort.

Here, the method of protest may be wrong one, but this tendency to oppose is a good sign.

The civil society, national govt. and international community have to put their acts together to thwart the nefarious manace that keeps on engulfing the community in qestion.

Undoubtedly, the potential, insight or the wisdom of the women can not be wasted. In the softer domain, women symbolize heart, mind and conscience of the society. A woman is blessed with the intuitive understanding of the truth about people or the situation.This other half of the society is the humanity's greatest untapped resource.

Egomania or self delusion of the male community has undermind the potential of   huge women resources. Khap Panchayat and honour killing of the girls are the bane of modern society.

Sexual harassment at the working place, gender pay gap and barring the women from working in a certain industries or doing particular job etc. are still some of the subject of grave concern for female as a community in particular and soiety in general.Of course, law is at place . But, ineffective implemetation of the same results in the sorry state of the affairs! The empowerment of the women by ensuring their representation in the parliament, judiciary and other enforcement agencies is is imperative to accord them the rightful place in the society.

                Win all, i.e men and women, is call of the time!
                 Let the society win!

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