Sunday, 25 December 2011

Summer : Exeunt with Smile!

Sizzling summer swaggered past,
Hazy sky clamours for monsoon's Blast!

Beating Sun's Departure is nigh,
Sweltered phloxes heave a sigh!

Arrival and Departure are ways of life!

Welcome Rain!
Sun-burnt petals will be resuscitated in a while.

Farewell Summer!
Your stint is over ; Retire with a smile!

Unmindful of Heat; religiously working-up Fescue.
Taking pride in their workmanship;
Working for famished livestoks' Rescue!

Come! O Blue and grey clouds!
Drizzle gently or heavily down pour.
Restore the verdant grandeur of the pastures of the yore!

Rain has also taken its Toll,
Lives of poors have stopped to roll.

How far be Winter in its Call?

Pick another leaf from this life,
The summer of sorrow is all set to fall!

1 comment:

  1. Superb poem...its true,we should pick another leaf of this life,The summer of sorrow is all set to fall....